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JumpStart® Antimicrobial Wound Dressing Brings Relief from Summer Sores

A horse named Zora healed faster than ever from her chronic summer sores with the help of Arthrex’s JumpStart® antimicrobial wound dressing.

“Zora experiences what we call ‘summer sores’ fairly often,” said Emma Morse, DVM.

These sores are very common and are typically caused when a horse has a small cut that becomes infected after contact with bugs or water and develops into a larger sore. The wound must be covered completely at all times to heal.

“We had been keeping Zora’s sore covered and using a medicine on it previously, but it had been a long healing process. Every time the wound became uncovered for any reason, it regressed to how it was before,” said Frankie Wood, Zora’s trainer at Bogginfin Farm in Fort Myers, Florida.

Zora is an extremely popular horse at the farm and is often used for riding lessons. Because she is out and about so often, keeping her bandages intact long enough for her sores to heal has been a problem for many summers.

“I heard about JumpStart [antimicrobial wound dressing] through Dennis O’Keefe, who works at Arthrex,” said Frankie. “His sons take riding lessons with me and have ridden Zora.”

When Dennis heard about Zora’s sores, he asked the Arthrex Orthobiologics team if JumpStart antimicrobial wound dressing could help.

Dennis and Carolyn Mckay of Arthrex Vet Systems distributor Vet South Surgical returned to the farm with JumpStart bandages in hand.

“I’m very impressed with how JumpStart has helped Zora,” said Frankie. “Before using JumpStart, the wound care and bandage were basically just maintaining the sore and making sure it didn’t get worse. Now, I see immediate healing every time we change the wound dressing, even if the bandage has started to come off.”

After seeing Zora’s healing with the help of JumpStart bandages, the Bogginfin Farm team began using it on other horses’ wounds and have been thrilled with the results.

Zora’s summer sores have healed fully and she’s able to keep working with the kids who love her without the irritation and discomfort from the wounds.

Learn more about JumpStart® antimicrobial wound dressing.