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Arthrex Vet Systems Supports Consultant at National Conference

Arthrex Vet Systems takes pride in providing the best service to its customers. Recently, one product manager had a chance to step in and save the day for an Arthrex consultant at VMX, which is the largest veterinary general practitioner conference in the country.

Courtney Campbell, DVM, DVCAS-SA (Santa Barbara, California), was leading a mock surgical fracture repair session for a large group of underrepresented young people attending an event called “Believe and Belong in Veterinary Medicine,” hosted by NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) and blendVET, an organization focused on enhancing diversity and inclusion in the field of veterinary medicine through “pathway events” that give students hands-on experiences.

“I am one of a few Black surgeons in veterinary medicine, so these initiatives are personal to me,” Dr. Campbell said. “Nationwide, there are fewer than 1% of us in the specialty of veterinary surgery. I didn’t grow up with opportunities like this, so I love having the chance to give back to young people who are interested in becoming a vet.”

Dr. Campbell was staffing the surgery station at the pathway event, but when he showed up at his session, there wasn’t enough equipment for the 75 kids attending.

“We didn’t have enough drills, plates, or screws,” he said. “I knew we had to do something quickly because I didn’t want to disappoint the kids.”

Volunteers from blendVET started searching the expo hall at VMX for vendors who would be willing to donate supplies that Dr. Campbell could use during the event. Arthrex Vet Systems Product Manager Wayne Leinen was attending, and he jumped in to help. He supplied Arthrex OrthoLine™ fracture plates, saws, drills and everything needed for a Sawbones lab.

“I was so pleased to be able to help,” Wayne said. “I have seen Dr. Campbell’s skills in surgery previously, but it was an honor to be able to support him in serving kids at this event.”

With a gowning station, a suture station and an array of other equipment to work with, the students were able to have an authentic, hands-on experience.

“I am so grateful to Arthrex for helping to make this event incredible for the kids,” Dr. Campbell said. “The blendVET volunteers had asked around with other vendors on site and frankly, many said no. Arthrex said yes, and it was simply outstanding.”

Ultimately, the students had a chance to learn how a veterinarian evaluates an animal’s injury and chooses fracture plates and other tools to repair it.

“Arthrex’s quick action and generosity helped give those kids an experience that could change the course of their lives. This was an extremely impactful experience for them, and for me,” Dr. Campbell said.